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What Is Gold Filled Jewelry

July 2021 | Patrice Swierczek

Why Gold-Filled Jewelry Is Very Popular Today: The Benefits of Gold-Filled Jewelry

Gold-filled jewelry is all the hype today, and it is unique from other metals available. Gold-filled pieces can make an excellent addition to your jewelry collection, and there are many great features to wearing this type of jewelry. 

What is Gold-Filled Jewelry?

This type of jewelry is not just an alloy but layered material that has two or three layers. 
Due to legal requirements, each piece of gold-filled jewelry has 5% gold in weight. This kind of jewelry is mainly made from 12 karats or 14 karat gold.  

Base metal layer used are usually a mix of brass, copper, and sometimes sterling silver.

Many people mistake gold-filled for being the same as gold-plated, but they are different! Plating in gold only applies to a single layer of gold. With gold-filled, you have a considerable amount of gold in the jewelry piece, making it much more durable.

Gold-filled pieces do have the ability to tarnish but only under unique situations. Pure gold will tarnish, but a thick layer of this metal will prevent this from happening. Gold-filled jewelry can last a lifetime, whereas gold-plated items can only last so long with exposure to heat, water, or everyday wear.  

Benefits of Wearing Gold-Filled Jewelry

There are many benefits to wearing gold-filled jewelry. First, it can last a lifetime. Many people buy these pieces early on in their lives and then pass them onto their grandkids! This type of jewelry will also last a lot longer due to its durability.  

Second, gold-filled jewelry has incredible durability. As mentioned, it takes a lot more than normal wear and tears for these pieces to tarnish. With regular exposure to the heat, water, and everyday wear, gold-filled jewelry will last longer. This is because of the way it was built.

There is 100 times more gold alloy in the gold-filled because the layer is thicker and often more than one layer. This means that regular knocks against this jewelry piece will not damage it. It takes much more to damage your jewelry pieces! 

How to Properly Care for Your Gold-Filled Jewelry

Taking care of your gold-filled jewelry is essential. Just because it will last a lifetime doesn’t mean that regular maintenance is not required. To clean your gold-filled jewelry, here are some tips to make your jewelry last a lifetime.

  • Clean with warm water and a soft cloth

This is important and can help you keep the health of the jewelry intact. It is never a good idea to use rough rubbing as this can damage your pieces.  

  • Avoid wearing these pieces in the ocean or swimming pools

Despite their durability, these pieces are not immune to the rough saltwater or the pools' chlorine. If you want to help your pieces last a long time, don’t wear them when you swim in these bodies of water.

  • Don’t wear your jewelry while cleaning

Harsh chemicals from the products can damage your jewelry in ways that you never expect. It would help if you also were careful of perfumes and other beauty products that could likely negatively impact your gold-filled jewelry.

  • Avoid heavy touching and use jewelry polish

Every so often, you want to make sure that you clean your pieces with jewelry cleaner. 
You should also avoid touching your pieces because this could lead to significant wear and tear over time.


Gold-Filled Pieces Lasts A Lifetime

With these tips in mind, you will make your gold-filled pieces last a lifetime. Check out our store to see what gold-filled jewelry pieces you can add to your jewelry collection today!


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