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Top 7 Natural Crystals

July 2021 | Patrice Swierczek

Mother earth provides us with so many natural gifts to be used in creating and living a life of wealth and health and the use of natural crystals is a wonderful way to go.

What are natural crystals?

Natural crystals are rock formations that follow a pattern of molecules or atoms. Created from mother earth, they can be cut and polished for jewelry, art, or for healing purposes. Natural crystals vibrate different energies and can be used as a tool for love, growth, and, manifestation.

Let's a take a look a few of the most popular natural crystals and how they can help you on your journey.


1. Rose Quartz

rose quartz crystals

An amazing naturally pink crystal, Rose Quartz is a stable in manifesting self love within a Queen. You can use the natural crystal to promote emotional healing, compassion, and forgiveness.

Rose Quartz's healing powers include aiding in having a healthy pregnancy, improving your heart and circulatory system, and releasing impurities from body fluids.


2. Amethyst

amethyst crystals

Amethyst is a purple crystal that is known for empowering a Queen with intuition, wisdom, and, positive transformation. A crystal that also combats fear and anxiety, it's powers are plentiful.

Amethyst healing powers can improve immune system function, reducing headaches, and help to induce sleep.


3. Aventurine

green aventurine

Most commonly green in color and is associated with bringing prosperity and confidence. It's from the Quartz family and with it's powers of confidence, this natural crystal can give you the confidence to conquer and grow your Queendom.

You can use Aventurine healing powers to improve your heart, lower blood pressure, regulate the thymus gland and lower cholesterol.


4. Black Obsidian

black obsidian


Protection and Personal power is the soul of this natural crystal. Black Obsidian is a special crystal, formed with volcanic glass rock.

A queen can use this crystal to improve her self control when entering into a situation where self mastery is a must.
It removes blockages and negative energies from the mental and physical body.

A fiery element this stone will help you have a maintain a strong balance within your body and help to detoxify. Great for digestive issues.

It's a protector stone, to protect your body from harm.


5. Citrine


Also in the Quartz family, Citrine is know for being a stone of sunshine. Commonly a mix of orange and yellow, this crystal will give you a boost of positivity.

Referred to as a merchant stone, citrine is used in manifesting wealth and abundance.

Also great for raising your self esteem so you can go and get what you want.

Citrine is the the Vitamin D of crystals, it can bring warm to the physical body as well as increase your energy levels.

It's healing powers are known to help with menstrual pains, digestive system support, and nausea.


6. Clear Quartz

clear quartz

A colorless quartz, this crystal will bring clarity, calmness, and harmony to a Queen.

It can help to clear your mind in times of stress so you can navigate much more clearly. You can use this crystal to quiet the outside world and hear what you need in order to love, grow, and manifest.

Cleanse your spirit with this crystal.

A master healer, clear quartz can help detoxify the body, amp up your metabolism, and stimulate your organs.

Bringing your body and mind into harmony.


7. Blue Lapis Lazuli

blue lapis lazuli

Blue lapis Lazuli mainly lazurite with calcite, and pyrite is a rich blue stone with speck of grey is a crystal that Queen Cleopatra adorned for its powers of bringing wisdom, good luck, and inner power.

You can use this stone to speak your mind or to find your voice.

Use Lapis Lazuli healing powers to ease headaches, tension in the body, heal vocal cords, or to cleanse organs.

I hope you found this post helpful in understanding more about these beautiful gifts from nature. I encourage you to find ways to incorporate the use of natural crystals in your journey as I have with mine.

Using natural crystal in my earring designs, is a great way to turn a piece of jewelry into just more object, but rather a natural tool to help with loving, growing, and manifesting.

Thanks for reading, share which crystals are your favorite with a comment below.

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